Sermons by Ross Adelmann

Samson - Man's Man To Real Man

Samson – Man’s Man To Real Man

Speaker: | June 16, 2019

Samson, a selfish, disobedient, womanizing, violent strong man makes it into the Bible’s Hall of Fame of Faith. Why? What is it about Samson that puts him there? And what can we learn from Samson...

Pt. 2 - Tired of Trying To Measure Up

Pt. 2 – Tired of Trying To Measure Up

Speaker: | June 09, 2019

We try so hard to live up to our own expectations, others expectations and often God’s expectations. It can be exhausting. Jesus shares a profound, short parable that encourages us to allow Him to rewrite...

Lives Worthy Of Memorial Day

Lives Worthy Of Memorial Day

Speaker: | May 26, 2019

Memorial Day helps us remember what is really important. When we look deeply, this day helps us celebrate the core of what it means to follow Jesus. Make your life a living memorial worth celebrating!

Pt. 4 - The Power of Hospitality

Pt. 4 – The Power of Hospitality

Speaker: | May 19, 2019

Hospitality conjures images of Martha Stewart, clean and fancy decor, amazing food and beautiful presentation. But that isn’t what biblical hospitality is. When you see biblical examples of hospitality in action it becomes the leading...

Pt. 3 - The Power of Story

Pt. 3 – The Power of Story

Speaker: | May 12, 2019

The Bible teaches us that we overcome in life through Jesus AND the power of our story. It is easy, from a Christian view, to believe the first part of that phrase, but the second?...

Pt. 1 - Front Porch

Pt. 1 – Front Porch

Speaker: | April 28, 2019

We love sharing good news. The gospel (which is literally defined as “good news”) is something we struggle to share. Why is that? How can we share this best of all good news in relationally...

Pt. 5 - Who Do You Say I Am

Pt. 5 – Who Do You Say I Am

Speaker: | April 07, 2019

Jesus asks us the most important question in life: Who do you say I am? He doesn’t want the right Sunday school answer, but your honest answer. In whatever circumstance you find yourself in life,...