Preparing for a Very Special Sunday!

Following up on September’s teaching about initiative, the K-5 classroom started a new weekly practice. During our worship time, we collect an offering, which we give as an act of worship.  For the month of October, our offering went to a special ministry at WARM, the Westerville Area Resource Ministry.  WARM sends kids from food insecure households in Westerville schools home with backpacks full of food for the weekend.

This Sunday morning, our kids will have a chance to see exactly where their offering is going, because they will be packing the backpacks of food!  I am super excited about this, because it will be making what we’ve been talking about and praying for something that kids can see with their own eyes and directly participate in.  

Will you join me in praying for this upcoming special experience?  My hope is that:

  1. Kids will better understand what it means to live generously.
  2. Kids will, a deep and personal level, understand that physical and material needs are present in our own community and that God cares about those needs. 
  3. Through the act of packing backpacks of food, kids will experience God’s presence.

It’s going to be a special day!   


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