Relational Financial Assistance

All around the world, people are in need everywhere and the collective needs are enormous.  How can we make deep, lasting change?  Benevolence that lifts people up out of brokenness and helps them stand on their own in freedom?

We believe that relationships are the mission, and in keeping with that, we do benevolence through relationship, not just anonymous handouts.  We serve the needs of those within Quest, but we also encourage Quest attenders to pray for God to bring opportunities to care for unchurched friends, colleagues, or neighbors in need.  Quest attenders can submit a QuestCare Assistance Form for the need of their unchurched friend and then deliver the financial assistance as part of caring for them relationally.

If you would like to get more information and request assistance, click the button below to fill out a QuestCare Assistance Request Form.

-Ross Adelmann
Senior Pastor