What time are services and where does Quest meet?

Services start at 9:15 & 11 AM every Sunday morning.

Quest is located at 4877 Central College Rd, Westerville, OH 43081, roughly between New Albany & Westerville in Central Ohio, just off of the Hamilton Rd exit on 161.

What should I expect when I come?

You can expect 3 main things to happen when you visit Quest:


We'll do everything we can to make your time with us warm and friendly! Dress comfortable, and stop by our cafe before the service to grab coffee.


Each service typically has 4-5 live songs of worship selected from worship teams such as Hillsong, Elevation and Rend Collective.


One of our pastors gives a 30-35 minute message to impact your life and help you grow, drawing from Scripture that relates to real-world issues.

If I'm considering making Quest my church home, what steps should I take?

Here are some first steps we recommend to help you learn more about Quest:

Take a Doorway Tour

Join Ross or another pastor for a DoorWay Tour: An 8-10 minute tour of the facility after church to hear the really short version of who we are, ask questions, see the facilities and meet some of the leaders along the way.

Lunch with the Pastors

Join us for Lunch With The Pastors, a free catered lunch for the whole family that happens periodically right after the 11 service! Meet the pastors and other newer people to Quest, hear a little more about who we are, ask questions and enjoy some great food. It takes about 75 minutes.

Join a Group or Volunteer Team

You may find friends easier while doing something – you might consider joining a small group or serving on a volunteer team, especially if there are some people you would like to get to know.

How do I become a member?

At this time, Quest does not have a formal membership process or any hoops you need to jump through to get involved.  We introduce you to our vision and values in various ways (Sundays, Facebook/Web/App, Doorway Tour, Lunch With The Pastors and personal conversation).   Our goal is that you would understand our vision, mission and values as we seek to follow Jesus, then jump on in and experience life with friends at Quest as we serve the community around us.

How can church make my life better?

There are many reasons people love to go to church, but if you’ve had a prior negative experience with church, we’re so sorry you experienced that.

Many people struggle with church because church people have come across as judgmental…

…meaning they put themselves forward as better than others, and spoke negatively toward others they thought were more sinful.  And it’s likely you saw through them and knew that deep down, they were actually hypocrites.  We’re sorry if that has happened to you and if anyone does that at Quest.  (It’s because they are still growing, and likely failing in that moment to be like Jesus.)

The reality is that all of us fall short of what we know is right, best and good for us (meaning we sin).  Even if we are socially acceptable to others, we are all in the same boat.  We all need God to forgive us on a regular basis.   We all are people who need God in our lives to help us live more fully, more free and true to what is right, best and good for us.  If you want to join a bunch of people honestly seeking that in our lives, who are also honest about being flawed, Quest may be the right place for you.

We need to Experience Life as Friends with Faith if we are going to grow…

…and not just casual fun friends.  We need real friends we can be honest with about life and faith.  And even in those friendships, most of us need intentional structure in our lives so that we continue to grow instead of just coast.  Church provides that structure.  A weekly reminder of God, community and growth in the context of a worship encounter with God.  Small groups that provide intentional study and relationships.  Friends that come out of those relationships that are there for you whether you get a promotion or you hit a rough patch in life.  If you come, we hope you make lasting friendships and experience life as friends with faith.

Many people choose church for the wrong reasons.

We tend to choose church because we like the music, or maybe we like how interesting the pastor is.

Can I let you in on a secret?

Almost any preacher is boring after you hear them for 3-5 years.  And changing churches is hard—uprooting children, friendships, having to find your way and gain trust so you can serve in meaningful ways again.  God didn’t intend for us to change churches so rapidly like that.

Choosing a church for the following reasons will make your faith, life and church experience great:

  • You love the way they express their mission to care for one another and reach the community.
  • You love how honest they are about real issues—they don’t give pat, cliche “3 steps to happiness” sermons all the time. Rather, they are real about tough issues.
  • Choose a church that has common unity around God and relationship, yet allows room for people to disagree without alienating relationships (at least not on the church’s part).  Jesus sought out relationships with people who disagreed with Him, and healthy churches do the same.
  • Choose a place with the love and patience to care for you even in spite of your flaws (we all have them).  All of us are growing, and some things we need to grow in will take years to change.  Some things we might continue to wrestle with for a lifetime.
  • Choose a church where you find honest friendships and stick with those friendships through thick and thin—because that’s what Jesus does with us.   The only way we learn to live like Jesus is by learning to have tremendous grace and love for others as we stick through times of disagreement and discomfort. See, many followers of Jesus never learn to be like Jesus because they leave churches when it is uncomfortable, when it is boring, when the pastor doesn’t preach to their liking, when the music isn’t their preference and they never strengthen that loving, grace giving character quality like Jesus.  So we leave churches every few years and completely miss what being a follower of Jesus is all about while we still are searching for something more that is only found in remaining faithful to friendship through thick and thin.
Large worship gatherings provide unique encounters with God and people that don’t often happen in smaller groups.

It is true the Bible says where two or three people are gathered in Jesus’ name, God is there with them.  But it is also true that we see in the Bible and throughout Christian history that the presence and work of God often shows up more tangibly and powerfully in corporate worship.  We need both regular large corporate worship and small group gatherings to live our faith out.

Gathering for larger corporate worship services gives us the opportunity for our faith to be strengthened by hearing the stories of other people’s encounters with God.  We all need encouragement regularly.

There are many things we can do better together than alone or in small groups.

It would be hard for one individual to support a missionary, but we are able to support a missionary in Russia who helped plant one of the largest churches in Russia and leads a university ministry that empowers other ministries all over Russia.  None of us have the ability to teach our kids all they need to know about God and the Bible, so we together pool our abilities into great children’s and youth programs that support parents in raising great kids and helps our kids find good friendships.  We can’t individually make a tremendous difference in poverty, but together through QuestCare, WARM, Project 29:7 Tutoring Initiative, WARM Summer Lunch Clubs, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Thrive Counseling and Coaching, we can meet needs at a deeper level and more ably help people into better times.

I approached my faith journey trying to be right, be good enough and know more about God than others until I really wrestled with not just the words and principles of the Bible, but how Jesus lived what he taught.  He didn’t demand of his disciples to be fully cleaned up and religiously educated in order to be his disciples.  Jesus simply invited common working men and women to follow him and learn what it meant to be friends with faith who know God, love others and make a difference in life—and oh, how they made a difference changing the course of history!

Jesus invites us to follow in the same way today—to follow Him warts, questions, doubts, sin and all, and discover His incredible, amazing goodness and grace.  So often as we pursue faith, we get into all sorts of arguments about right and wrong, good enough or shamefully not good enough.  Certainly questions are important and truth must be sought after, but a God worth serving is big enough that we will always have unanswerable, even frustrating questions.  Friends love each other above the differences in thinking; are compassionate toward one another in their struggles; and respect each other in their beliefs while encouraging one another to seek—to discover and live a life that is more and more filled with God’s peace, grace and goodness each day.

If you are wondering if Jesus is who he really says he is (the one true God, Creator of all, the one who sets us free and brings peace, life and goodness), we would love the opportunity to be a place where you can find friendship with other people at various stages of seeking God, while you work out this lifetime quest of discovering God and living out the very good purpose for which God made you.

A seeker,


What if I don't believe in God or I'm just trying to figure things out?

You will absolutely be welcome to join us, serve with us, laugh and have fun with us! It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to honestly work through your search for God and meaningful faith.

Welcome to our world!   We’re all still trying to figure out what we believe and what faith means in our lives.  We have some people attending Quest who don’t want to believe in God and aren’t even sure they want to figure things out, yet love being a part of Christian community and what we are doing at Quest to make a positive difference in the world.

If you come to the place where you want to commit to being a follower of Jesus, come talk to any of the staff, elders or other leaders at Quest. We would be thrilled to help you navigate that decision well.

Could I get more information about receiving Christ or being baptized?

Absolutely!  If you would like more information about placing your faith in Christ, or what it means to be baptized, we would love to help you carefully walk through that decision in relationship.  Please use the contact form below to reach out to Jeremy Shelley, Youth & Teaching Pastor, and he’ll connect with you to talk more about what these steps mean.   You can also come talk to any of the staff, elders or other leaders at Quest at any time.

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How do I get involved in ministries at Quest?

It’s easy!  Click the button below to learn more about ministries at Quest and see where you can get involved:

Who is on staff?

Great question! Below is a list of all our pastors and staff:

(P.S. Come and introduce yourself to us, we want to meet you!)

  • Ross Adelmann
    Senior Pastor
  • Jeremy Shelley
    Youth & Teaching Pastor
  • Wendy Adelmann
    Small Groups Director
  • Zac James
    Worship & Creative Arts Director
  • Chris Watson
    Children's Ministry Director
  • Greg Snowden
    Facilities Coordinator
  • Emily Dinsmore
    Connections Coordinator & Facilities Scheduling
  • Terri Jeffries
    Office / Accounting Coordinator
  • Kristin Jensen
    Graphic Design / Print Coordinator
  • Nicole Geiger
    Nursery Coordinator

Who are the elders, and what are their roles?

The elders are an integral part of Quest leadership. They help shape and communicate the big picture vision of Quest, hold the senior pastor accountable to healthy goals, minister to the staff, and were all recognized as a spiritual leaders by the evidence of others following them and being positively impacted by them before becoming an Elder. Some of our elders serve on the official Elder Board of the church, and others are elders who are not on the board but continue to serve as vital leaders in the church.

Here’s a list of all our elders:

  • Ross Adelmann
    President & CEO
  • Pat DeVille
    Elder Board Chair
  • Dustin Pargeon
  • Heidi Wilson
  • Sam Rajakumar
  • Mandy Corven
  • Mark Bueltmann

What does Quest believe?

We are a Vineyard church, with orthodox evangelical Vineyard theology.  Here are some more detailed dropdowns that will explain further:

  1. There is one living, creator God revealed as three persons: Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit.
  2. The Bible is God inspired and the ultimate, reliable guide for navigating life and understanding reality.
  3. When there is apparent conflict between science and the Bible it should drive us to curiosity and to seek a better understanding of both science and the Bible, because God is the creator of all and, in the end, all truth is God’s truth. Dissonance between the two only means there is more to discover about creation and our infinite, good, loving creator God.
  4. God is deeply involved in all of life to bring health, goodness, purpose and beauty into our lives and our world.
  5. God seeks to befriend all people and save all from the pain of sin and evil, and invites us to live like Him, seeking to share that good news by befriending people across all boundaries.
  6. We believe as true what the Bible says and what classic Christian creeds (i.e. Apostles, Nicene) affirm about Jesus’ nature, origin, virgin birth, life, death and resurrection.
  7. While all fall short and sin, Jesus forgives those who repent and commit to His leadership in their lives. On top of that, God gives us His Spirit to lead us and help us live out our faith.
  8. The church is all people who believe in Jesus by faith, and live under the grace and leadership of Jesus.  The church is a diverse representation of God’s transforming work across divides, including spiritual, racial, national & political divisions.
  9. We celebrate baptism and communion as two Biblically commanded sacraments.
  10. What we see God doing in the Bible in & through people still happens today through the work of His Spirit. Therefore, we believe God’s Spirit works in us, and communicates to us in many ways. These include the Bible, prayer, spiritual gifts, laying on of hands for healing and through the words of others in our lives.
  11. Jesus is coming again: One day everything will be set right with sin, pain and disease being abolished, and that will be amazing hope and joy for those who have received the grace of Jesus. For those who refused God’s overtures of forgiveness and offers to love & lead them, final judgment is real, because God is both far more patient and merciful than we imagine, and also just.
Relationship is our mission

Relationship is what Jesus came to establish—between God and man.  He didn’t come to establish a religion, He operated in relationship.  As we live out our faith, all meaningful change comes because of relationship with God and relationships with others who support us, encourage us, challenge us and simply walk through life with us.

Relationship above differences

People define love in many different ways, from “I never talk about hard subjects to keep the peace” to “Because I love you, I’m going to tell you the harsh truth”.

God defined love by sending Jesus, not when we were all in agreement or in right relationship with God, but when we had differences, disagreements, questions, wrong thinking, and sin.  When we offer kind relationship to others with whom we disagree or have conflict, we love like Jesus.

Self-feeding people

It would be weird for a healthy, capable 20-year-old to be spoon fed by their mother.   In the same way, if we want healthy relationships with God and other people, we need to take personal responsibility for feeding our own relationship with God through the exercise of spiritual habits, intentional exposure to teaching and worship both individually and corporately in relationship with others.

Deeply spiritual AND deeply practical

In our practice of faith, so often we compartmentalize our lives into “spiritual/mystical” and “practical” wisdom.  We believe there is no separation between spiritual and practical as God creates it all.  God wants to impact us spiritually through the practical wisdom we learn in the busyness of life.  He also wants to impact our way of doing the busyness of life through our spiritual experiences with Him.  For the strongest faith and best life, we need to vigorously hold onto both, knowing they mesh together to help us live in wholeness.

Reproduction = Maturity

Religion defines maturity as correct biblical knowledge and being less sinful than others.  We believe the true evidence of maturity is how your life reproduces healthy spirituality and healthy relationships in other people, as well as how your life empowers others to use their gifts to serve God.

How is the life and grace of God in you being reproduced in others?  There are too many people who live detached thinking because they sin less obviously and know more, they are mature Christians.  Those are the people Jesus rebuked the most.   How many people have you lifted up when they fell down and helped them stand and run confidently again?  How many people have you encouraged to step out in faith to serve God and live His good dream for them when they didn’t believe they could?

Give your best…..oops, try again

We always achieve our highest, God-given potential when we are encouraged to set high goals (to believe in God’s high view of us).  We also follow Jesus’ example of giving grace in the context of truth when we fail.

So try!   Give it your best and often succeed!  And when you fail, be honest with the truth but get back up and try again because grace abounds.  We think God is happier with us stepping out in faith and trying more….and failing more….than He is with us being too careful and never failing.