God Loves Your Kids

Parents, we want to partner with you in raising children to know who God is and how they are a reflection of Him. We know that the way to have the greatest influence in your child’s life is by partnering with you to help your child engage with their Heavenly Father throughout the week. For this reason we have chosen to use Orange Curriculum throughout our children’s ministry. It allows us to provide you with relevant and relational ways to expand on the weekly lesson in your home by having intentional and meaningful conversations.

We start with the End in Mind and continue to develop teaching, events and experiences from birth through high school to help our children:

1.  Know the stories and teachings of the Bible

2.  Develop a Christian world view

3.  Understand God has made them for a unique and wonderful purpose

4.  Develop strong spiritual habits

5.  Grow to be socially adept in their relationships

We believe growth in all of those areas happens best through friendships, so if there is any way we can assist you or your children in developing friendships at Quest, please let us know.  We are happy to help introduce you to people and make that search easier!

QuestSprouts: Babies - Preschool

Our Babies through Preschoolers use Orange’s First Look curriculum
which focuses on three main truths:

1.  God Made Me

2.  God Loves Me

3.  Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

These truths help to shape the foundation of a child’s faith and are interwoven through every lesson. We prioritize our teachers and assistants getting to know your students so that they can use the teaching method, activity, game, and/or craft that would be most impactful for their group each week.

QuestKids: Grades K-5

In the K-5 age group, we use Orange’s 252 curriculum to expand on the truths learned in our younger age groups. These truths help children to see the world beyond themselves and relate to experiences in their everyday life. The three main truths for Elementary students are:

1.  I Need to Make the Wise Choice

2.  I Can Trust God No Matter What

3.  I Should Treat Others The Way I Want To Be Treated

Beginning in October, we will have a monthly Apologetics breakout every 2nd Sunday during 1st service for our 4th and 5th graders called Genesis. This class will dive deeper into each child’s relationship with Jesus and give them confidence to stand up for their faith in the world around them

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    Children's Ministry Director

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