Evangelism Through Relationships

At Quest, we believe that relationships are the mission.  Authentic relationships are absolutely vital to living the Christian life, and reaching people with the truth of the Gospel.  We partner relationally with local compassion and overseas missions organizations that help address poverty and spread the Gospel around the world, and approximately 10% of undesignated revenues we receive go directly to missions outside of Quest.

If you are giving regularly to Quest, thank you for participating in the work of advancing His Kingdom here and abroad!  Please be praying for the mission organizations below, that their ministry would be powerful and effective in reaching people for the Gospel.

-Ross Adelmann
Senior Pastor

Quest Supports These Organizations:

Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM) – Scott & Marcia Marier – Westerville, OH
  • Providing compassionate, short-term assistance, a food pantry, educational services, and spiritual support in order to encourage individuals to achieve a God-reliant, self-sufficient life while restoring dignity and hope.
  • Volunteer with the WARM summer lunch program!    Contact Jackie Haight, Program Coordinator – Jackie(at)WarmWesterville.org or join the Quest Youth in their work with the summer lunch program by contacting Jeremy(at)GoToQuest.org.
Church Planting in Columbus and the United States
  • Quest supports the starting of new churches (“church planting”) in the local area and across the nation through our Vineyard association and additional funds.
  • Quest’s vision for the future is to be a church that intentionally plants other churches.
QuestCare Financial Assistance
The 29:7 Project/Columbus Tutoring Initiative
  • As we seek the peace and prosperity of our community, we are intentionally engaging in relationship with those who are most vulnerable near Quest–at risk children.
  • Huber Ridge Elementary School, an 8 minute drive from Quest, has well over 50% of its students on free and reduced lunch. In addition, Huber Ridge has a significant population of students behind grade level in reading.
  • Quest partners with the Columbus Tutoring Initiative, and is committed to supporting Huber Ridge through service projects and tutoring this coming school year.
  • The service projects help make Huber Ridge a nicer place to attend school, and the tutoring supports students in the most fundamental skill for progressing their education. . . reading.
  • By committing to both tutoring and service projects, we engage in practical relationship that can change not only a child’s life, but the life of our community. This is an opportunity to change the lives of families for generations to come.
  • You can sign up to volunteer and tutor at Huber Ridge here.
Quest Garden
  • We plant our own garden to support WARM directly via fresh food grown on Quest property.  You can get involved here.
Belize/Central America Missions (Christian Resources International)
  • We are thrilled to partner with Christian Resources International to send 5 containers of Bibles throughout the world (2 to Belize, and 1 each to China, Bolivia and Kenya).
  • In November 2017, we will be sending a team to Belize with the goal of reaching unsaved people to Christ through local crusades and medical missions, as well as seminars/training for pastors and church planters.
  • To register for this trip, support individuals or help pay for Bibles, click here!
Puravida Missions in Costa Rica
  • Quest is excited to partner with PuraVida Missions and Vina Siquerres to plant more Vineyard Churches along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.
  • During our first trip, we were able to begin the process of building a retreat center that will soon become the hub for training and sending out pastors to lead these churches.
Todd & Katya Roese (Church Planting, University Ministry, International Student Ministry) – Russia
  • We support one of the largest churches in Russia in reaching a city of 1 million where only 3% of the people follow Jesus. This is done through church growth and church planting.
  • Todd pastors the International Student Service, reaching students studying at the University in Saratov from all over the world. In addition, Todd runs the training of leaders for similar ministries in Universities from all over Russia.