Facility Requests

Quest’s mission is to bless and bring positive change to our local communities.  We want to foster healthy friendship with anyone seeking to discover God, and potentially live in His good plan for their lives.  Our facility usage is guided by what helps us best live that vision.  Therefore, facility usage requests are not dealt with in a first-come, first-serve manner, but according to closest relational ties to the mission of Quest.

This page has forms, room descriptions, facility calendar links, and other important information for requesting the use of fields and facilities at Quest.

*Please note: all facility requests must be submitted at a minimum of two weeks prior to the first date of use.  Any exceptions will be made at the discretion of the facility staff.

The Process: Reserve a Room

For requests that are not from official Quest ministries,

  1.   Download and print the Facility Request Checklist and read thoroughly.
  2.   Check the appropriate calendars.
  3.   Choose times that appear as currently open.
  4.   Submit the appropriate forms.

Quest keeps a certain amount of time open in various spaces to accommodate rescheduling needs of those currently using the facility or to keep space open for last minute needs of the ministry. There may also be applications not yet processed and therefore the calendar shows a time open when indeed it is not. This is especially true leading up to Seasonal Deadlines for facility usage. Please note our gym is not available for rental on Saturdays after 5pm or on Sundays.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Emily at facilityscheduling@gotoquest.org. If you are making a Facility reservation request, please be sure to include your completed Facility Reservation form.

Forms & Calendars

Please choose from the forms below:

Please click to view descriptions:

Room Capacities

(For Field Descriptions, please contact the Quest office.)

Please choose from the following calendars:

To reserve a room for official Quest ministries

Important Deadlines

To get the best consideration for space usage, have forms submitted in full according to the reservation checklist by the following dates. Applications submitted early will not be dealt with until the following dates. Incomplete applications will not be considered until complete even if submitted before the deadline:

  • Winter gym usage (November 1-February 28): July 15
  • Spring season usage (March 1-May 31): October 15
  • Summer season usage (June 1-July 31): January 15
  • Fall season usage (August 1-November 7): April 15
  • Baseball Field usage (March-July): July 15 of the year prior