An Important WHY for a Father-Daughter Night

When I was about seven years old, my dad took me out on a special day trip. We got lunch, saw a movie, and shopped in stores that I rarely had the opportunity to visit. The thing is though, while I know we did all those activities, the only part of our trip that I really remember well is our conversation in the car.

My dad turned down the music, took my hand, and he told me that I was a leader. He said I was compassionate and very smart. We talked about God, and he told me that God had amazing plans for me, but no matter what I did (or didn’t do) both God and my family would love me.

It took me MANY years to realize how important that conversation was, but it set up years of health in my relationship with my dad. Also, because I believed the words my dad said were true, when I met people who, in words and actions, communicated that my worth depended on my accomplishments, that I wasn’t a leader, and that I wasn’t talented, I was able to recognize them as untrue.

On Friday, November 9th, Quest Kids is hosting “Dreaming Along: A Father-Daughter Dance and Celebration” because we want to create space for fun and laughter and for dads to have the chance to say to their little girls, “I love you, just because you’re you.”

Join us, and bring a friend. It will be a night to remember! And please, RSVP to, so we can make sure that we have enough special gifts for all the daughters!


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